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Community Wellbeing

Some of our greatest strengths as a community come from our shared ancestry, and our ability to come together in difficult times. Manaaki Matakāoa supports self-determination of our collective health destinies through preventative action, community cohesion, inclusiveness, and quality health information.


Our Oranga Kōpara team is responsible for leading out community-level health promotion through events that disseminate quality health information, promote programs being run by health, sports and social service providers, supporting access to vaccines and carrying out our community screening program for early detection and intervention of illnesses. Our event themes respond to our community’s direction provided through local surveys.​


The activities of the Oranga Kōpara team include:

  • Delivering Oranga Māmā/Pēpi (Maternal and infant wellbeing), Oranga Wāhine (Women's wellbeing), Oranga Tāne (Men's wellbeing), Oranga Pakeke (Elder wellbeing), Oranga Rangatahi (Youth wellbeing) and Oranga Kōpara (Community wellbeing) events

  • Supporting health literacy and responsiveness through education, training and quality health information resources

  • Promoting health and wellbeing programs being run at a regional and local level

  • Delivery of a community screening program


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